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We have endeavored to make our web site as accessible as possible, particularly for the visually impaired and those who use screen readers. We make every effort to comply with the Disability DIscrimination Act and make adjustments as appropriate.

We have made the following changes to improve accessibility for users with disabilities:

A Site Map is available for navigation

Our Images contain "alt tags", with descriptions of the images to aid users who listen to the content of the site via a screen reader.

Text links are of a standard design throughout.

Pages are expandable for those with a visual impairment either by using the 'resize' or 'Zoom' found under the view menu on many browsers. On browsers that support it resizing can be accomplished by holding down the 'Ctrl' key and clicking either the + or - key, this method resizes your browser for all sites until it is reset.

Links within the N.D. Athenaeum web site that access sites external to the Athenaeum will open in a new browser window. We have no control over the content of such sites and do not accept any responsibility for material or invitations therein. Such links are provided as a convenience to site visitors and in particular to support facilities within our locality.

This web site uses style sheets (CSS). Some early version of Browsers may not display the content as we intend. You can disable CSS within some early browsers under the tools menu - place a tick in 'Format documents using my style sheet' feature under the general tab - accessibility. We would recommend if possible that you upgrade to the latest version of your browser not only for a better browsing experience but for increased security.

If you experience difficulty using our web site we would be pleased to send you information in a format suitable for your use.

We reserve the right to make any changes and corrections to our web site at any time and without warning. We do not accept any responsibility for claims arising from information contained within the web site - By proceeding past the Home page is seen as an acceptance that you do so at your own risk. All information on the web site is to illustrate facilities at the N.D. Athenaeum and do not indicate that all facilities are available at all times. Whilst we endeavor to make facilities available circumstances on occasions prevent this. If you intend to make a visit based on a particular aspect of the N.D. Athenaeum your are advised to telephone for uptodate information prior to your visit. All information is provided in good faith.

External web site links:

Any such links provided are for visitor convenience only. We do not have control over the content of the linked sites and cannot guarantee that any such site is always available. We accept no responsibility for their content or from accessing a linked site.

Please feel free to link to our site, no permission is needed. However the copyright of our images is retained by N.D. Athenaeum and permission must be gained for any use other than personal or educational.


The North Devon Athenaeum holds numerous materials that are subject to copyrights. We control our copyright as required by a depositor and act to maintain this control wherever it is breached. Please note that all images on the web sites are subject to our copyright restrictions and permission to use such images MUST be obtained prior to their further use. Such permission will not unreasonably be refuses but we reserve the right to charge if necessary for such rights. Where we become aware that our images are used without prior permission then we reserve the right to take appropriate action to recover damages. Note this applies to all images including those of the North Devon Journal archive of which we are custodians.

Privacy & Cookie Policy:

The N.D. Athenaeum does not retain any information collected via our web site. We give notice that Google Analytics are in use on this site, this operates via a cookie placed to identify your computer/SmartPhone/Tablet as a site visitor. The information available to ourselves is as provided by Google as their default settings excepting that we have adjusted the time by which your device is identified as a 'new' visitor rather than a 'returning' visitor to be a period of c.2 months. We reserve the right to adjust this time as is necessary to improve the visitor experience. The information we get via Google Analytics contains the time of a visit, the search term (where used) the overall number of pages viewed and misc. information of the type of device in use i.e. if computer or mobile and your country and the city of your ISP. We do not retain this information off the Google providing server and it is not passed or used by any third party within our control. Please note that the operation of Google Analytics and the information they provide is outside our controls as a registered user and we therefore do not accept responsibility for their product or service. If you feel their service is intrusive you can disable Cookies on most devices within the 'options' settings or if we gather sufficient complaints regarding the Google service we will revise our use of the service if it is felt necessary. Our own ISP provide a setting for visitor logs but this is not subscribed too and we do not access this information (this information is similar to that gathered by Google in both their Analytics and their search provisions.

Information collected from Emails is retained for administration purposes and will never be passed to a third party without permission. We do not undertake bulk mailings preferring to treat our visitors as individuals. No Email information is stored on our Internet Servers. We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 in regard to any information you give us.

Access to facilities:

The North Devon Athenaeum is on the second floor within the Barnstaple Library Building. The main access is via stairways but lift access to all floors is available from the foyer. The N.D. Athenaeum has access to all the facilities available within the building but does not itself have staff trained in BSL or readers for the visually impaired.